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Our Publications

The following publications are made available to you free of charge by You and Widowhood. They are intended to help you organise your thoughts as well as to provide some prompts as to the types of things you need to consider when having conversations with others as you plan for the future.

When you click the title of each publication it will open that publication in a new window as a PDF document. If you are unable to read PDF documents or would like a printed copy of any or all of these please email us at and we will arrange to have these sent to you. 

Y&W  - Plan Today, for Tomorrow

Y&W (You & Widowhood) takes a step by step approach to help identify the things to be aware of before during and after the death of a partner. This brochure also directs you to some of the resources you may need.

Letter Template - Notification of Death

A simple letter template that you can use to notify organisations of the death of a partner. 

Planning Ahead - Legal Issues

By preparing a few simple documents, you can make sure your wishes are met. This booklet explores some of the things you may need to think about and discuss with your family and legal advisers.

Planning Ahead - Financial Issues

By knowing where you are now, you have a better idea of where you are heading if the situation with your work, income or expenses change. This booklet encourages everyone to review their financial situation and to be aware of what payments and services are available to people who may need assistance.

Coping with Grief

This help sheet reminds us of the simple everyday things that we can do to help us through in times of grieving. Remembering to take some time for ourselves is important as we move towards a new future.

Stronger than I thought

To create this booklet we surveyed widows, who were at different life stages, about their experiences of loss. We asked them about their daily activities and their social lives. We asked them about what helped them in their grief, and what didn’t. Almost every woman we talked to emphasised the importance of keeping busy and scheduling time for activity that was meaningful to them. What those activities were and who they were done with was unique for each respondent. No one mentioned housework!

Taking Care of yourself

In the chaos of bereavement we often neglect our basic needs or pick up habits that weren’t there before. There are things that need to be done but you also need to take time to look after yourself. This help sheet has some useful tips to help you think about what it is you might need during times of grief.

Adapting your home

Just doing the things you once did together can be daunting. Learning to do these things by yourself may take some time, planning and a little creativity. This help sheet offers some things to get you thinking about living life on your own.

Creating Memories

Remembering those you have lost also reminds us of those who remain with us. This help sheet encourages us all to keep building memories with family and friends which add to the story of your life and the lives of those you love.